As Camp Katonim is located on Lake Simcoe, our ability to offer a variety of water sports and activities differentiates us from many other day camps.  Where applicable, we have created our own Katonim award programs to acknowledge the skills the campers have acquired during the summer.  All water sports activities are supervised by qualified waterfront staff.  All campers must successfully complete a swim test prior to engaging in most water sport activities.


Waterskiing is one of Katonim’s most popular watersports programs. Our campers progress from dry land through beginner, intermediate, and advanced instruction of skiing and/or wakeboarding. Kneeboarding is also offered, and a thrilling ride on the tube is a great way for campers to cap off the afternoon.


This activity is currently on hold as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Our friendly, knowledgeable and enthusiastic sail staff are eager to teach your children how to sail on Lake Simcoe. Your children will learn how to identify and name various parts of the boat, how to rig, sail, dry tip, and turtle a boat dependent upon their skill level. Your child can choose to sit back and enjoy the ride in our CL14 or CL16 or take control and navigate a Laser, Pico or Optimist on their own.


One of the best ways to experience nature, especially in Canada, is in a canoe. With this in mind, canoeing has become a central program activity for campers at Katonim. Beginning with safety procedures including getting in and out of canoes and proper use of life jackets and paddles, campers are given lessons and play games on the lake so that they feel confident and comfortable out on the water. Not only do we focus on paddling strokes, proper seating and skills, but children learn how to conduct a t-rescue.


Like all other watersports, kayaking begins with proper safety protocol. From first glance, the kayak is an individual activity, allowing campers to grow in skill and confidence at their own pace, but what they come to learn about is the effectiveness these boats have when working together. Quicker and more maneuverable than a canoe, kayaks enable campers to explore more of the lake while developing a sense of personal accomplishment that can only be gained through working as a group. Paddleboarding is a recent addition to Camp Katonim’s watersport offerings and has quickly become a big hit.


Our ever popular Pontoon Boat has brought another waterfront activity to Camp Katonim. From cruising along the shores of Lake Simcoe, playing cards on the deck, or jumping into the water for a refreshing swim, this new activity was loved by all age groups.


This activity is currently on hold as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Our Water Park consists of the Aquaglide Fox Trot, the Sierra Climber and Soaker and the Zulu Slide.  A challenging balance beam, the Fox Trot can also be used for head-to-head competition with no guarantee of staying dry. The Sierra presents several choices – climb, balance, wriggle or splash. Any way you use it, our new water feature is loved by all ages – including the staff!


Our Instructional Swim program is currently on hold as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic.  A recreational daily swim will be put in its place.

Swimming is an essential skill for life, ensuring safety whenever on or near water. All campers are given an initial swim test to determine each camper’s skill and comfort in the water. From there, our swim instructors provide a program tailored to each group and its individual campers so that they may improve in all areas of swimming. Our instructors are properly trained and certified and provide lessons in the Lifesaving Society program.  This is done in an encouraging environment that teaches your children valuable open water lifesaving skills.