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Every day at Camp Katonim is a little different and special in its own way! The schedule rotates daily so every cabin has the opportunity to experience all of the exciting programs that we offer. Below are two sample schedules to give you an idea of what a day at Katonim looks like.

Sample T&T / Junior Camp Schedule 


8:45                    Drop off at camp 

9:00                    Flagpole begins 

Period 1             Landsports at Main Camp 

Period 2             Arts and Crafts at Main Camp 

Period 3             Nature at Main Camp 

Lunch                 Camp-wide picnic style lunch followed by Free Time at
                            Main Camp 

Period 4             Swim at the Waterfront

Period 5             Paddleboarding at the Waterfront 

General Swim   Free time at the Waterfront 

4:00                    End of the day

Sample Senior Camp Schedule 


8:45                     Drop off at camp 

9:00                     Flagpole begins 

Period 1              Swim at the Waterfront  

Period 2              Ski at the Waterfront 

Period 3              Canoe at the Waterfront  

Lunch                  Camp-wide picnic style lunch followed by Free Time at Main 

Period 4              Tennis at Main Camp 

Period 5              Performing Arts at Main Camp 

General Swim    Free time at the Waterfront 

4:00                     End of the day