OUR TEAM (so far)

Mark Mingail, Director

Mark has over 20 years of camp experience as a camper, waterfront and head staff, and ultimately as a camp director. He has worked in numerous residential camp settings and provides leadership to a team of school social workers. 

He has been a clinical supervisor and camp director at camps for children with learning disabilities and associated disorders and has been involved with Provincial Camp Associations and Children Mental Health Centers within School Boards and Hospital settings.  Mark is a father of three kids, aged 12, 15 and 17; and his wife, Robyn, works in special education.

Mark is thrilled to be a part of the camp community and help create a camp experience for Katonim’s 90th anniversary as safely as fun as camp can be!

Haylie Cordick, Director of Operations & Leadership

Haylie Cordick is very excited about her new role as Camp Katonim’s Director of Operations and Leadership. Haylie began her journey as a Camp Katonim staff member in 2017 and looks forward to another fun-filled, action-packed summer season!

Haylie’s leadership experiences include president of the Trent Education Students group, Boys and Girls Club Sports Leader, Big Brother Big Sister mentor, and even a volunteer English teacher in Peru. As an elementary teacher who loves working with children, Camp Katonim is a perfect fit for her. Haylie loves the outdoors surrounded by nature. She spent her childhood summers in cottage country with memories of endless swimming, basketball, campfires, kayaking, camping, waterskiing, and more. She has a passion for visual arts, drama, music, sports, and games of any kind.

Haylie can’t wait to see all of the returning Katonim campers and welcome new campers to the Katonim family!

Bret Rothery, Program Director

Bret is extremely pumped to be coming back to Katonim this summer as Program Director! He spent two years at camp as your Sports Specialist, and is ready to help create another special summer on the head-staff team.
Bret is a now a Recreation and Leisure Studies graduate from The University of Waterloo, and a sports instructor with The City of Brampton. His experiences at our camp are a huge part of why he is pursuing a career in the youth sports field.
Camp Katonim provided Bret with two of his favourite summers of all time, and he is excited to help both campers and staff have an experience of the same quality.

He can’t wait for Zumba-Za on Fridays … and he will see you all on the Gaga court.


Sierra Zieper, Head of Junior Camp

Sierra cannot express how excited she is to be returning to Katonim this summer as Head of Junior Camp! She began working at Camp Katonim in 2018, but this will be her 8th year working at summer camp.

Sierra is currently in her fourth year of university, where she is obtaining an Honours BA in Psychology, and is in her university’s Concurrent Education program, studying to become a teacher. Outside of school, Sierra is a member of a sorority, and has held a position on their Executive Board. 

Camp Katonim is Sierra’s home away from home. Whenever she’s at Katonim, she feels a true sense of comfort, positivity, and nothing but pure joy! Katonim was her favourite place to be as a camper, and this still holds true for her as a staff member. Sierra believes that the memories and friendships you make at Katonim are special and everlasting. She cannot wait for another amazing summer at Katonim, and to see everyone’s smiling faces!

Jordyn Zieper, Head of Senior Camp

Jordyn is thrilled to be returning to Katonim as Head of Senior Camp! She will also be running our LIT/CIT program. She has 7 prior years of camp experience as a counsellor, and this will be her 3rd summer working at Katonim.

Jordyn is in her fourth year of university, working toward her degrees in Psychology and Education, with the goal of becoming a high school teacher. She is also an active sorority member.

Jordyn is looking forward to continuing beloved camp traditions, seeing everyone’s smiling faces, and making memories that will last a lifetime! Since she was little, Katonim has held a very special place in her heart, and she is beyond excited for the greatly anticipated summer of 2022!

Izzy Zimmerman, Waterfront Director

This year, Izzy is coming to Katonim as the Waterfront Director. Izzy plans to make this summer’s swim periods a fun time to be with cabin mates, and learn some new skills all while staying safe in the lake. She can’t wait to meet new campers and reconnect with returning campers at her favorite place, the Lake Simcoe waterfront. From beach days on the slip and slide to Huckle Buckle and Kick the Can on rainy days, Izzy is looking forward to it all!!

Spencer Otis, Junior Camp Counsellor

Spencer Otis is excited to be returning to Camp Katonim for an amazing summer as a Junior Camp Counsellor.

Spencer looks forward to graduating from Durham College, Oshawa, from the Community Integration through Cooperative Education Program (CICE) in June 2022. Spencer’s passion is working with children and guiding their learning through play. Spencer is thrilled to be part of the Camp Katonim family and is hyped to make this anticipated summer the best for campers and staff.


Jordana Katz, Swim Specialist

Jordana is so excited to come to camp as a swim specialist this summer! During the year she is a student at Northern secondary school and will be going into grade 12 next year. She’s also been teaching swimming lessons at the Prosserman JCC to kids from ages 3-10. She is really looking forward to meeting new people and engaging and working with all the campers this summer. She absolutely loves the water and loves how camp allows her to be her outgoing self. Jordana is super excited for this summer!


Li Juan Lin, Lead T&T Counsellor

This summer, Li is thrilled to be able to participate in Camp Katonim as the lead T&T counsellor.

Li has three years of prior camp experience, as well as multiple years of babysitting experience. During the year, Li is a full-time student at the University of Toronto pursuing an Honours BS in Psychological & Health Sciences. Having just completed her third year, she believes that taking part in Camp Katonim will be a refreshing change of pace and for sure, a lot of fun.

In addition to meeting new people, Li is looking forward to forming new connections with both her colleagues and the campers.


Tal Yitzhaky, Junior Camp Counsellor

Tal Yitzhaky is excited to come to camp as a Junior Camp Counsellor! Tal is looking forward to working hard and applying to university next year. Tal is excited to help make each camper’s time at camp awesome and a ton of fun! He is very excited to make connections with campers and staff over the summer.


Erynn Levy, Ski Specialist

Erynn is very excited to come back to camp this summer as a ski specialist! Erynn has been going to camp Katonim since she was two and a half and this will be her 15th summer at camp. She is super excited to be a first year staff! Erynn just finished grade 11 at Northern Secondary School in Toronto. She is very involved in her school. She is the VP of the Duke of Edinburgh Club, she is on the Girls Athletic Council and is an active member of the executive team for the United Way Committee. Outside of school Erynn plays rep basketball and competitive tennis throughout the year. Erynn can’t wait to go back to camp and is so excited to be on staff this year. She is looking forward to teaching campers how to water ski and sharing her love of Camp Katonim, a place that has been so special to her for so long.

Sydney Broughton, Arts & Crafts Specialist

Sydney is super excited to be the Arts & Crafts Specialist at Camp Katonim this summer! She’s just finished her second year in the applied museum studies program at Algonquin college and is excited to enter the third year this fall. Sydney has had previous experience working at an overnight children’s camp on Kawagama lake and is looking forward to becoming a part of the Camp Katonim team. Some of her favorite camp activities are swimming, canoeing and arts and crafts. When Sydney’s not at camp she loves to crochet historical figures and hang out with her 2 bearded dragons Neak and Draco 😊


Ben Turner, Swim Specialist

Ben is really excited to join the camp Katonim team this summer as a Swim Specialist. He’s finishing grade 12 and applying to college for next year. He’s always loved the camp environment and is excited to recreate that experience for the campers. Ben is looking forward to working with his fellow staff to create a safe and fun summer experience for everyone at camp.


Nicole Kim, Ski Specialist

Nicole is looking forward to coming to Camp Katonim this summer as a Ski Specialist. She is currently finishing grade 12 and is excited to start applying to universities for next year. She enjoys spending time outdoors, learning new skills and building long-lasting friendships. She is excited to make everlasting memories and can’t wait to meet everyone!!


Sha'anan Rosenblum, Swim Specialist

Sha’anan is coming to camp this year as a member of the waterfront staff, he is currently finishing grade ten and is looking forward to the rest of high school. Sha’anan is thrilled to be coming to camp this summer, and he is looking forward to spending long days down by the lake! He is also looking forward to making amazing new memories throughout the summer.


Maia Ilustre, Junior Camp Counsellor

This year, Maia Ilustre is coming to Camp Katonim as a Junior Camp Counsellor! During the year she is a student at St. Elizabeth High School and will be going into grade 12 next year. She is looking forward to meeting new people, building relationships with her coworkers and campers, and of course, having fun. Maia loves being around people and enjoys putting smiles on their faces. She is very excited for this summer!


Dillon Paterson, Senior Camp Counsellor

Dillon is joining camp as a Senior Camp Counsellor. Right now he’s in high school, but his eventual goal is to become an elementary school teacher. He loves working with kids and having the chance to share the fun he had at camp with a new group of kids. The counsellors were always a highlight during his time at camp and he wants to be that for the next generation of campers. 


Ireland Snow, Senior Camp Counsellor

Ireland is coming to Camp Katonim this year as a Senior Camp Counsellor! Throughout the year so far, Ireland has mainly been traveling and working. She’s spent some time visiting family and exploring different places. Ireland loves working at camp, and she loves all the different activities and adventures that come with it. But the best part about camp is making lots of new friends to share those adventures with!

Sapir Sheiman, Landsports Specialist

Sapir is joining Camp Katonim for his first time as a Landsports Specialist! This year he has been focusing on his University studies as a Mechanical Engineering major. Sapir is eager to begin camp, meet the staff members and all the campers. His priority this summer is to create a fun and safe experience for all the campers

Adira Addley Boxall, Performing Arts Specialist

This is Adira and this year at Camp Katonim she will be your Preforming Arts Specialist!

Adira is a seasoned Camper, Actress, Artist, and Musician. She has a lot of experience planning, running and attending camps year round for Scouts Canada. Adira is also currently studying towards a Career as an Actress.

Adira is unbelievably excited to share her love of camp and make long lasting memories this summer! She can’t wait to show you what she knows and have fun in the sun!



Billy Hadden, Lead Paddlesports Specialist

This summer, Billy is joining Camp Katonim as your Lead Paddlesports Specialist. As the Lead Paddlesports Specialist, Billy is going to be supervising the campers at the waterfront, as well as instructing canoeing, kayaking, and waterskiing!

During the rest of the year, Billy goes to Queens University for Health Science, and hopes to one day become a doctor. When he isn’t in school, he loves to play basketball, swim, and play badminton.

Billy is most looking forward to having a blast with all of you this summer and meeting the other paddlesports specialists.



Noor Ahmed, Administrative Assistant & Health Care Coordinator

Noor is very excited to join camp as an Administrative Assistant and Health Care Coordinator!

She has four years experience working with kids, From babysitting to working with summer camps for kids with disabilities. She also has her personal support worker certificate with that she has worked with various settings from hospitals to nursery.

Noor is currently in her last year of getting her nursing diploma from centennial college. She hopes to continue her education in order to get a degree in nursing.

Noor is very pumped to start with camp and meet all the wonderful people who will be joining and she hopes it’s a summer filled with memories and photos to remember for a lifetime.



Eleanor Clark, Twix & Tweeners Counsellor

Eleanor is so excited to come to camp this summer as a Twix and Tweeners counsellor!

She just finished her first year at Queens University, where she is studying for a Bachelor of Science/Concurrent Education, and is hoping to become a teacher when she is finished. She has great memories being a camper spending lots of time outdoors and making connections with others, so she can’t wait to return to camp as a counsellor, so she can hopefully spread the fun and adventures to future campers!



Ari Tzadok, Swim Specialist

Ari is coming to camp as a swim instructor and part of the waterfront team. He is studying Kinesiology at Dalhousie University and loves to travel, snowboard, and surf during the year. This summer, Ari is looking forward to having a super fun time on the waterfront and getting to know all the amazing campers!



Kaylyn Aninkorah, Junior Camp Counsellor

Hi everyone this is Kaylyn and She so excited to be apart of camp this summer. Kaylyn will be a Junior camp counsellor this coming summer. This year Kaylyn has been focusing on school and learning how to play the trumpet. Kaylyn is looking forward to meeting everyone this year and going swimming. She can’t wait to see you all this summer!




Josh Eklove, Senior Camp Counsellor

Josh is so excited to be coming back as a Senior Camp Counsellor! Josh has been a camper at Katonim since 2015 and is so thrilled to be a part of the staff team this year. Josh is going into his first year of university to study business! Josh is so excited to return to camp this year to participate in activities like spa, A&C, tubing, kayaking, and all the fun activities that camp brings. See you this summer Katonim!



Kyle Enarson, Junior Camp Counsellor

Kyle is returning to camp as Counselor after many wonderful years as a camper. When not at camp, Kyle works on programming indie video games, composing soundtracks and free lance art. Kyle is passionate about all things creative and aspires to bring that to camp. His favourite thing about camp is all the friends and fun that comes along with camp and the invaluable experiences you gain.



Jules Ghosh, Waterski Specialist

Jules is coming to Camp Katonim for the first time as the Waterski Specialist. Jules is going into
her fourth year at Western University, studying to complete an honours double major in English
Literature and Psychology. Jules is then hoping to attend medical school to become a psychiatrist. Jules is most excited to have fun with the campers in the water activities and enjoy the beautiful outdoors for the summer!