OUR TEAM (so far)

Lawrence Axmith, Director

Lawrence Axmith, a life-long camper-at-heart who grew up on Lake Simcoe, is your Camp Director.

In previous summers, Lawrence served as Camp Director at Westside Fun Day Camp, Theatre Brockville, and The Randolph Academy’s York Region Triple Threat Camp.  He spent two summers as the Cultural Arts Director at Camp Ramah in California, and many more on the senior staff at Camp Winnebagoe. During the school year, he teaches Music and Performing Arts at the Leo Baeck Day School. 

Lawrence will be joined at Katonim by his wife Naomi Savage, a TDSB Secondary English and Dramatic Arts teacher, his daughter Trudy, a Katonim camper excited to return, and his son, Benji, a budding musical prodigy with fabulous hair.

Haylie Cordick, Junior Section Head

Haylie Cordick is thrilled to be returning for another summer at Katonim as the Head of Junior Camp and the Program Director In-Training!

Haylie started working at Camp Katonim in 2017 and has returned every year since. Throughout her life, Haylie has always enjoyed spending time outdoors surrounded by nature. She spent her childhood summers in cottage country with memories of endless swimming, basketball, campfires, kayaking, camping, waterskiing, and more. She has a passion for visual arts, drama, music, sports, and games of any kind.

Haylie is currently in her final year of the two-year Bachelor of Education Program at Trent University. She has a vast range of experience working with children including supply teaching positions, school tutor, Boys and Girls Club Sports Leader, Big Brother Big Sister mentor, and even volunteer English teacher in Peru.

Haylie is so excited to be a part of the Camp Katonim family again this year and can’t wait to see all of the campers!

Moshik Galanty, Director of Leadership and Operations

Moshik was born and raised in Rishon Letzion, Israel. He lived in Jerusalem for more than 14 years, studying and working at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He graduated with a Masters in Public Policy, specializing in Environmental Management, following a BA in Political Science and International Relations. Moshik also holds a diploma from Hebrew University for teaching Hebrew as a second language and combat medic training from his army days.
Moshik brings to the role more than 25 years of work experience in formal and informal Jewish education and active involvement in the Jewish community in Israel and Canada. He is a proud ambassador of Israel and its contributions to the world and is attuned to the country’s unique needs and challenges.


For the past 4 years, Moshik has taught Hebrew and Judaism at Paul Penna, Heschel and RHA, discovering his passion for teaching.  Moshik lives in downtown Toronto with his wife, Heather; two teenage kids, Tayva and Eytan; a dog named Izzy (Katonim’s new mascot!); and a cat named Coco.

Ben Edwards, Senior Section Head

Ben is ready for another seasons summer at Camp Katonim as the Head of Senior Camp.
Ben has been a Junior Counsellor since 2018. Though Ben never went to summer camp as a kid, camp became like a second home to him.
Over the summers at Katonim, Ben has learned to do all sorts of things from camp; like how to play gaga ball, and even how to sail. He was even chosen as best male Counsellor by the L/CITs, and was chosen as staff of the year in 2019.
Ben loves musical theatre, music, the outdoors and baking.
Ben has been studying social service working since fall 2019 and will be graduating early 2021. Over the past few years Ben has been a mentor to kids grade 1-8 through Big Brothers Big Sisters. Ben hopes to work with kids in the future.
Ben can not wait for the summer to come and is excited for another amazing year at camp!!

Teddy Dobbs, Senior Twix and Tweeners Counsellor

Teddy Dobbs is ready for another fun filled summer at Camp Katonim as the Senior Twix and Tweeners (T&T) Counsellor and Head of Junior Camp In-Training!


Teddy has been a T&T counsellor at Camp Katonim since 2018 and has the burn bracelets to prove it! Teddy never went to summer camp as a kid but as a counsellor she has never felt more at home. Over the last few years she has learned how to tie dye clothes, stern a canoe, almost won a game of GaGa Ball, and she was chosen as the Best Female Counsellor at the 2019 L/CIT Awards. Teddy loves drama, dance, singing, learning guitar, colouring, obstacle courses, and swimming! (She is always the first one in the water)

Teddy is going into the first year of her Bachelor of Education Program at York University in the Fall of 2021! Her experience working with children has given her opportunities both in and out of the classroom. Over the years she has volunteered in both elementary and secondary schools as a teaching assistant. She has also coached girl’s Learn to Play (ages 5-8) softball and even used to be a glitter tattoo artist for kid’s parties!

Teddy is over the moon to be back at camp and can’t wait to see new faces and old at Pine Post Road!

Our Team

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