Early Bird Rates from November 1 to December 12


From a game of volleyball on the beach, to archery, ga-ga, to ball hockey, our Landsports program is designed for high energy activities that focus on teamwork, skill development, goal setting, and fun! Got a game you want to play? Let’s do it!


Campers have a ball while developing hand eye coordination. No matter what skill level, our tennis instruction will get you into the swing of things. Outdoor Ping Pong is a recent addition to our landsport offerings. Situated under a protective shade structure, our ping pong tables have become one of the more popular spots at main camp.


Campers stay active with two Camp Katonim classics. Basketball takes place at main camp, while volleyball is played down at the beach on a soft sand court. 


Ga-ga has been a longstanding tradition at Camp Katonim. It is a form of dodgeball that originated in Israel in the 1970’s and spread when Israeli counsellors brought the game to summer camps around the world. It is a fast moving and high-energy game that is enjoyed by children of all ages.


Archery is a very popular activity at Camp Katonim. Whether it’s your first time or you’re a regular Robin Hood, you will be safely instructed the proper technique of this age-old skill.